The 5 Best Spy Cameras in India. (2021)

Spy Camera

There are two types of security cameras. One is a simple surveillance camera and another is a spy camera. The spy cameras can be very useful sometimes. The spy cameras are so small and can be fitted anywhere.

With a spy camera, you can record someone and no one will notice. If you want to keep eye on someone but don’t want big security cameras, a hidden camera might be perfect for you.

Here, we’ve chosen some best spy cameras. Take a look at it.

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1. IFITech HD USB Charger Spy Camera

Video Resolution1080p
Alert TypeMotion Only
Video FormatMJPEG
Power SourceAC
Mounting TypeProtruding
Memory SupportedUp to 128GB SD Card

IFITech is a 1080p FHD hidden camera. The hidden camera is embedded in a USB charger. The camera is really easy to use. Just plug it into the power socket and it is ready to use.

The plug & play surveillance camera supports FAT32 format SD card and requires no prior setting. Insert an SD card and plug it in the socket and video recording will start. The recording stops the moment you unplugged it.

The video content recorded on the SD card can be viewed by connecting the USB device to a computer/ with an OTG connector to Mobile. The camera recording will run seamlessly in loops until the SD card runs out of maximum storage.

This spy camera is perfect for monitoring staff at the office, shop, etc. Perfect for keeping an eye on anyone.

The camera supports HD 1920*1080p colour video resolution with a 70° viewing angle and 30 frames per second (FPS) AV output.

2. ProCam HD Pen Wired Spy Camera

ColorBlack & Gold
Video Resolution720p
Alert TypeAudio & Video
Video FormatAVI
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting TypeEmbedded
Memory Supported16GB

The Procam pen comes with a built-in hidden camera. The spy camera is so small that no one can see that you have a spy camera in your pen.

Procam pen has 720p high-resolution camera. There is an on/off button on the top of the pen. Once you push that button, it will start recording.

The pen looks like a normal pen. So, you can put it in your shirt pocket and start recording and no one will notice that you are shooting something.

The quality of the pen is really good. It runs on a battery. The pen can record audio and video both. The procam pen supports up to 16GB memory card.

Once you stop recording, you can check it in any SD card-supported device by connecting it.

3. Finicky Wireless Panoramic Bulb 360° Spy Camera

Video Resolution960p
Alert TypeMotion Only
Video Format
Power SourceCorded Electric
Mounting TypeWall Mount, Ceiling Mount
Memory SupportedUp to 128GB SD Card

Finicky bulb has a hidden 360° spy camera. This Finicky bulb has LED light also. So, you can use it as a normal bulb and no one will notice that you are recording them.

Record and watch the surveillance in full HD view at 960p resolution. The camera also has the feature of IR night vision with crisp and clear images, even in the dark.

Constant 360-degree surveillance captures everything without the need for manual rotating. Control bulb with a mobile application. Switch recording on/off and change visibility through mobile app.

 Live video monitoring integrated with powerful motion detection function. The camera sends real-time alerts on your smartphone whenever any motion is detected. keep your family & business safe.

The bulb comes with built-in speakers and microphones. So, you can two-way communication. It supports up to 128 GB SD card to record and save recordings.

4. TECHNOVIEW Small Size Hidden Camera

Video Resolution1080p
Alert TypeMotion Only
Video FormatAVI
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting Type
Memory SupportedUp to 32GB

TECHNOVIEW is a small size non-WiFi spy body camera. The Video resolution of the Mini Camera is 1920*1080P full HD.

The Camera has a compact design, portable handheld, and TV video connection.

The spycam runs on built-in 200mAh battery. A built-in lithium battery can work up to about 60 minutes. The camera has a night vision feature. So, it can record in night time also.

This high-definition camera can supports up to 32GB card for recording. The camera is easy to use. It can be clipped or wall-mounted.

5. BabyTiger Button Spy Camera

Video Resolution640p
Alert TypeAudio & Video
Video FormatAVI
Power SourceBattery Powered
Mounting TypeEmbedded
Memory SupportedUp to 16GB

The BabyTiger button is actually a shirt button. You can use it by putting it as a shirt button.

The video resolution of this camera is 640*480p and the frame rate is 30. The video format is AVI.

The camera supports both audio&video recording. It runs on a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

The battery can work up to about 30 minutes and charging time is 30minutes.

FAQS About Hidden Cameras

It completely depends upon your requirement. If you want to keep eye on your home then Finicky Bulb would be the best choice for you. Because it has a 360° wide-angle viewing feature.

Another option is an IFITECH charger. But, it can see only in one straight direction.

If you want to take a spy camera with you. Then PROCAM pen would be a good choice. The other two are also good but no one will notice that a spy camera in a pen.

Yes, A Smartphone can detect spy cameras. A lot of apps are available in Play Store and App Store.

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