5 Leading wired keyboards in the market under Rs.1000.

The keyboard is a very essential part of a PC. Without keyboard, we can’t do anything. So, we must have a good keyboard. Nowadays, Wireless keyboards are really popular. But, wireless keyboards are costlier than the wired keyboards.

If you want wireless keyboard then you can check our post on wireless keyboards also. But, this post is on wired keyboards. Here, we listed 10 best-wired keyboards available in the market.

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1. Logitech K120

Logitech K120
  • Logitech is one of the best computer peripherals brand in the market and it provides top quality products to its customers.
  • Logitech is slightly costlier than other brands but instead of money, it provides the best quality product.
  • Logitech K120 is a wired keyboard that comes under a budget of Rs.1000.
  • The keyboard has a thin and sleek design to keep your hands relaxed and stress-free.
  • This is full sized keyboard with all required keys on it.
  • It is a USB interface wired keyboard. Just plug it and use it.
  • The keys are soft and noise-free. You won’t feel any noise while typing. You’ll enjoy a comfortable and quiet typing experience.
  • It works well with all Windows and Linux based PCs/Laptops.
  • The keyboard is spill-resistant.
  • This high-quality keyboard comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Overall, Logitech K120 is best for all your regular works.

2. Dell 580-Adeg Kb216

Dell 580
  • The 2nd on the list is Dell 580 wired keyboard. We all know dell is a very popular brand.
  • This dell keyboard is really durable and strong.
  • The keyboard is compatible with almost all operating systems.
  • It has a USB interface to connect with PCs.
  • The design is sleek and keys are soft in typing.
  • The keyboard is quite responsive and the space between the two switches is good. So, we can easily type.
  • Overall, the keyboard is good, fast, and responsive.

3. Philips SPK6234

Philips SPK6234
  • Philips SPK6234 is 3rd keyboard on our list. This Philips keyboard is a wired USB interface keyboard.
  • The keyboard is made for everyday home and office use.
  • Its low-profile keys deliver quite a comfortable typing experience.
  • It is designed to give a comfortable position for your wrist and hands.
  • The keyboard is compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/7/ 8/10 Operating Systems and available for USB port compatibility.
  • It has some multimedia keys for some quick action and commands.
  • The keyboard is spill resistant. It has 8 drain holes that help lets out the accidental inflow of liquid.
  • In the end, this keyboard is really good according to its price.

4. HP KB-1156

HP KB-1156
  • The 4th on the list is HP KB-1156. This is also a wired keyboard.
  • This keyboard has a PS2 interface. So, you need to plug it into the PS2 port of the CPU.
  • The design is slim and stylish. This keyboard is slightly bigger than other keyboards. So, it has some more space to relax your hand.
  • This HP keyboard comes with 8 hotkeys for some quick and easy actions.
  • It has only one drawback that it has a PS2 interface. So, you can’t connect it to your laptop if you want.

5. Fingers Magnifico

Fingers Magnifico
  • The final and last on the list is Fingers Magnifico. This isn’t a very popular brand. But, this keyboard from fingers is really good.
  • It has a unique and stylish design.
  • The keys are really soft and it provides a faster and quieter typing experience.
  • The most important thing is that this is a backlit keyboard. You can work at midnight easily with this keyboard.
  • This is a USB interface keyboard. You can just plug it and run it. No need for any drivers installation.
  • This fingers keyboard is really good and it is really cool backlit feature.

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